🔧 How to trade Bitcoin & Altcoins using Bittrex (For Beginners) Bitcoin for beginners

🔧 How to trade Bitcoin & Altcoins using Bittrex (For Beginners) Bitcoin for beginners

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🔧 How to trade Bitcoin & Altcoins using Bittrex (For Beginners) BitCoin For Beginners.
Simple Video Guide to using Bittrex as a CryptoCurrency Marketplace and Exchange


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I am here to share with you on how to use Bittrex as a cryptocurrency exchange. It is in this exchange that you can buy, sell and exchange the different cyptocurrencies. However bitcoin will be used as the main medium of exchange between the different cryptocurrencies. Examples of the different cryptocurrencies that you can use this platform to trade, would be zCash, clubcoins, Etherium, Dash and so on.

We go through the registration and sign in process. In this signup process, It is highlight that for better security purposes, it is better to use the Incognito browser and the Online Keyboard. This helps to reduce phishing of personal particulars. Within Bitrex, you will notice the different wallets that holds the different cryptocurrencies. As the list of wallets is long, We can shortlist the needed wallets by using the search form.

With the wallets, there are the plus and minus buttons to the wallets. These are the buttons you will click to transfer their respective cyptocurrencies into and out of these wallets. After depositing the cryptocurrency into the wallet , the deposit trasaction will be listed in the Pending Deposit section. It takes 2 confirmations (20 to 30 mins) for the deposit transaction to clear. Once cleared, the deposit transaction will be listed in the Deposit History section. Like wise, for the Widthdrawal transaction, it will be listed in the Widhtdrawal History section once the process is approved and confirmed.

For the access of any cryptocurrency markets, first shortlist the crypto curency. Then click the link at its symbol. You will then be brought to its market. Within the marketplace, you will see the Bids List and the Asks list. The Bids list is the quoe of Buyers while the Asks list is the queue of Sellers. We can easily list our Buy or Sell request using the buttons provided. The Open Orders lists your pending orders while the My Orders History lists all you past orders that have successfully transacted.


Investments or Trading Strategies recommended with our program may not be suitable for you or traders that may not have the Risk Management abilities. Therefore you are to make your own independent decision regarding them. These material and recommendations does not take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situations or needs and is not intended as recommendations appropriate for you.
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