$60k Soon? | Bitcoin ETF’s To Push BTC Towards $60,000 According To These Charts

$60k Soon? | Bitcoin ETF’s To Push BTC Towards $60,000 According To These Charts

Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Crypto News Today: Bitcoin exchange-traded funds or ETF’s might soon be a reality with the CBOE. In this video, I explain everything about the ETF’s you need to know, including the definition of an ETF simply explained. Is Bitcoin this bullish? Institutional investors will move in if the ETF’s get approved by the SEC. But, is Bitcoin manipulated like Gold? I will show you how gold futures and ETF’s maybe manipulated the gold price. Watch the video to learn more about this Bitcoin news story!

1:26 ETF News
2:28 What Is An ETF?
5:37 The Evidence
10:50 Why Manipulate?
17:46 General Thoughts
20:14 BTC Triple Bottom


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