Bitcoin Could EXPLODE 50% if THIS Metric is True!!! Last Chance to Accumulate?! 📈

Bitcoin Could EXPLODE 50% if THIS Metric is True!!! Last Chance to Accumulate?! 📈

#Bitcoin could see a 50% explosion if this key metric plays out?! We may have less than 100 days for final accumulation! Binance Chain perspective, Brave rewards, ICX P-REP testnet, IEOs vs ICOs, crypto news, and more!

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0:28 Markets 〽️
3:59 BTC vs Alts vs Resistance:
4:47 Bitcoin 50% move?!?
6:09 Retrace to $4,600?
7:23 More days of accumulation?
8:46 BTC best performer 2019:
9:05 Countries using the Internet:
9:45 DeFi Prime:
10:22 Brave (BAT) rewards:
10:41 High Performance Blockchain (HPB) x Union ay update:
11:14 ICON (ICX) P-REP testent:
11:42 BNB and ETH not competitors:
12:30 Binance chain doesn’t have smart contracts:
13:05 Should Binance be worried?
16:59 Is Binance too powerful?
17:56 IEOs reduce scam projects:
21:32 Evedo (EVED) helps the live events industry:
23:48 Evedo Website:
24:21 What is an IEO?
24:38 The return of Zaif:
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