Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency for Beginners | Ask the Stupid Questions You’re Embaressed to Ask???

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency for Beginners | Ask the Stupid Questions You’re Embaressed to Ask???

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Hey guys, going to be doing a livestream this evening at 8PM Central time on the topic of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

This is something I cover pretty extensively on my channel, and I sometimes assume my regular viewers know alot about it as I’ve been talking alot about it for quite some time. That said there’s new people tuning into my channel all the time and even more new people just learning about and becomming interested in cryptocurrency so I figured I’d do a livestream and answer those questions that you’re too embaressed to ask whether it be “do physical Bitcoins exist?” or how to buy them or anything else.

Happy to chat crypto and really talk about whatever you guys want to chat about, altcoin picks, more advanced stuff, etc, however really wanna give new people interested in the space a chance to get an idea what it is and ask those beginner questions as well.

I’ve been buying Bitcoin and trading altcoins going back to late 2012 or early 2013 so while I’m not the earliest adopter I’ve been around the block and have been around longer than most people. I don’t really know much about the technical side ie I’m not a programmer or coder but I’m a pretty good trader and know my way around Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

For anyone who’s looking to buy their first Bitcoin, I would say the most userfriendly and trustworthy exchanges are probably Coinbase/GDAX and Gemini. I’ll drop a link to Coinbase below, it is an affiliate link but if you signup and deposit $100 you get $10 in free Bitcoin and so do I.

I find Coinbase is the easiest way for new people to enter the Bitcoin market, it’s userfriendly, its got a nice interface so if you’ve ever used Paypal or online banking you should be able to navigate it fairly easily. Once you get a hang of things you should move over to GDAX which is the same company as Coinbase it’s their trading site so you can trade with no fees and also send Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum off of that platform where as doing so on Coinbase would charge you a fee.

No question is too stupid so feel free to ask away.