Bitcoin for Beginners – Coin Clip Series

Bitcoin for Beginners – Coin Clip Series

Today we decided to do things a bit differently!

We kicked off a new mini series called Coin Clips that we’ve been considering for some time!

Since we started Crypto Playhouse we have been inundated across our social channels with questions from subscribers asking about different coins: “How do we mine them?” “What sets them apart from other coins?” “What are the project goals?” We were quite amazed by the sheer number of requests!

But with a market of over 2000 cryptos, it’s been next to impossible to individually answer every single question from every single follower on the topic. In fact, I would have to stand in front of a lot more 7-Elevens with a cup in my hand if I even tried to tackle all those DMs…SERIOUSLY!

What was even more surprising though was the considerable number of people that failed to even grasp the basic ideas behind most of the major cryptos.

In a change from our usual info-laden videos, we’ve decided to take things in a different direction and try to put out the absolute basics on important crypto projects in order to help people looking to learn about the space. Think of it a bit like the Cliffs Notes for coins; nothing too in depth!

Naturally, during the first 60-second installment of our mini series, we’ll be covering the biggest player of all: Bitcoin, the grandfather of crypto if you will.

Everyone knows the name, but few people really seem to know much about it. Considered the first true successful and surviving “cryptocurrency,” it’s been around since 2009, when the genesis block was mined via the SHA-256 hashing algorithm that Bitcoin still utilizes.

The true creators of the original Bitcoin code are unknown, but the rumored “Satoshi Nakamoto” is often believed to be a pseudonym used by the core creator. To this day, the true identity of Mr. Nakamoto is unknown (Don’t believe the Elon Musk meme creators!).

Currently, the Bitcoin block time is around ten minutes. The block size however has been a topic of heated debate in the crypto community for quite some time. The Bitcoin Cash (or as Roger Ver loves to call it, “B-Cash”) fork was a direct result of the community’s inability to reach a consensus on the proposal to increase the block size.

This is our first swing at videos like this, so we’d love to hear from you, our followers! Let us know what you think of our new Coin Clip series.

If you have a coin you’d like to learn about, an aspect of a certain project you’ll like discussed, or even an entire point of comparison you think we should add to our coin tutorials, let us know!

Leave your comments below!

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