Bitcoin investment is safe or risky what Bill Gates think about cryptographic currency

Bitcoin investment is safe or risky what Bill Gates think about cryptographic currency

World is shocked by the rise in bitcoin. At the beginning of 2017, almost one bitcoin was about Rs 48,000. Its latest price is more than 10 lakhs. In the beginning of 2018, it was expected to reach 6 lakhs but in the past few weeks, Bitcoin has surpassed all estimates of the fast.

While a large section is thinking about investing in seeing its speed, the other side is also talking about the speed to be exploded soon after assuming it as a bubble. Take a look at what some of the world’s richest and influential people think of BitToine.

Bill Gates

In 2016, Bill Gates talked about an interview with Bloomberg. Bill Gates had said that Bitcoin shows how cheap it can be. Through this it is very cheap to make money transactions between the two countries. There is no need for a physical setup for this. But Bitcoin can not replace the main system. Bitcoin can never be enough in itself.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett, who made space among the richest men in the world through investment, has been critical of BitToine from the beginning. Earlier, in the late 1990s, when all dot-com companies were investing in companies, and if the shares of such websites were rising overnight, Buffett had refused to invest in them. Buffett then said that if he could see the electron then he would definitely have invested money in it. Buffett proved right after the dot-com bubble burst in 2001. Buffett says about Bitetine that it is mirage. In which it seems from a distance that there will be profits. Can not tell the exact price of a bitcoin because bitcouine does not make anything.

Jamie Demon

Jamie Demon, CEO of Morgan Stanley, says that Bitcoin is a fraud. If any of their traders do transactions in bitcoins, then they will get him out of the job.

Mark Mobius

Mark Mobius of Franklin Templeton says that Bitcoin still has a lot of potential. But if people keep investing in their bitcoin in this speed, then the Bitcoin Bubble will be broken and all the investors will be in loss.