Bitcoin Manipulation Scandal You Won’t Believe!! Who Is Doing It & Why?

Bitcoin Manipulation Scandal You Won’t Believe!! Who Is Doing It & Why?

The Bitcoin price is currently being manipulated. Why? This is a scandal that would only happen in cryptocurrency and Chico Crypto has uncovered what is going on! Tether is involved in Bitcoin’s current price movements, and an exchange is unloading over 100 million Tether right now!! Through blockchain analysis, and good ole fashioned researched we uncovered the truth. Tune in to find out!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction: What’s Going On!? Price Is Rallying!
01:26 Tether Scandal Is Catching Up With Bitfinex & The Bitcoin Whales
02:44 Theory #1: Large Bitcoin Whales Are Rallying The Price To Pull Off An Epic Dump On Retail Traders
03:05 Bitcoin Whales Know Tether Will Implode: The Signs
04:37 Secret Recording of Bitcoin Whales Planning Price Manipulation With Bitfinex CSO Phil Potter
07:43 Theory #2: Large Exchange Is Unloading Their Tether & Buying Up Bitcoin
08:46 Tracking Their Tether Transfers & Cold Storage Balances
10:25 The Exchange Is Mixing 100 Million In Tether, Unloading It On Other Exchanges To Buy Up BTC
11:11 They Will Use The Profit To Create Their Own Stablecoin & Take Over The Market
11:29 Why This Is Scary?

Tether & Bitfinex Investigation Video
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