The most important thing you have to understand about Bitcoin, which almost no YouTuber (especially those with more subscribers) will tell you, is that Bitcoin is a SYSTEM.

It is a SYSTEM with specific rules, which are defined in the Bitcoin white paper, and deviating from these rules and changing the economics of this system changes the system into something else, which long term, cannot work any more.

The most important thing about Bitcoin system is the economics rules in it, they are not to be tinkered with or the whole thing no longer works long term.

Bitcoin is not BTC, as BTC had its developers who work for a corporation, which is funded and working for the bankers (I have video showing the Core developers openly saying that they are working for bankers to create digital Fiat for them, which is what Lightning and Liquid systems are) change the very economics of this system, and they don’t even follow the basic rules of the Bitcoin system, that its a chain of digital signatures, which was abolished with SegWit protocol change. BTC is no longer the Bitcoin system so it still using the Bitcoin name is a scam, and people who are promoting it as Bitcoin, are scammers.

Bitcoin is BSV, as BSV is the only blockchain that stick to Bitcoin SYSTEM… and this is the one and most important thing everyone must understand.

Anyone that bases their decision on what crypto to buy and “HODL” on popular perception which is brainwashed into people by YouTubers like Tone Vays and many others… are being lied to, and sucked in into propaganda… so learn from this and adjust your mindset.