How to copy successful bitcoin traders – 1broker tutorial

How to copy successful bitcoin traders – 1broker tutorial

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Platform update: A new era begins! from 1Broker

Successful bitcoin traders can also trade world markets on 1Broker.

Live Video Tour of the new upgrades to the 1Broker Trading Platform, demonstrating how trade copying option works.

Review public trades and follow the comments and find out what other traders are doing. View success rates, trade histories and more. If you find a trader with a good success ratio and trading style you like – you can set your funds to follow this trader. Their success is your success!

If you are a consistent trader who wants to maximize the earnings of your trading – then building a large following of trade-copiers will produce additional income from the success of your trades, without the additional drawdown for your unsuccessful trades! With a proven track record, you can greatly increase your effective leverage in your favor.