How To Short/Leverage Trade + Buy/Sell Bitcoin On Kraken Exchange

How To Short/Leverage Trade + Buy/Sell Bitcoin On Kraken Exchange

Trading Education Course that highlights on the correlations in trading rather than just delivering basic information. The first few trading videos will just highlight how to set up tradingview for charting purposes as well as how to buy/sell/stop loss and short/leverage trade on the kraken exchange.

In this video we focus on simple non-leveraged buy/sell orders, leveraged orders, actually executing live trades, setting stop losses, and the difference between a market and limit order and “settle position order” on the kraken exchange.

The Kraken exchange is a the best exchange in my opinion to use for U.S residents that are interested in trading with up to 5x leverage and who are also interested in shorting the crypto market.

You can easily short bitcoin on the kraken exchange, you can also short several other cryptocurrencies, such as, ethereum, xrp, litecoin, and bitcoin cash. Each crypto has a certain amount of leverage you are limited to using for shorting or going long with those specific cryptocurrencies.

This video is the second video of a trading course I am working on rolling out over the next 45 days (remainder of 35 left). Please subscribe for trading education and daily crypto market analysis updates.

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