How to use HITBTC – HITBTC Tutorial

How to use HITBTC – HITBTC Tutorial

HitBTC tutorial explaining the important aspects of how to use HITBTC to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Overall it’s a decent platform. It does have it’s fair share of crashes but I like it.

The main points of the video include:
#1 – Your account consists of a trading account and main account
#2 – You can only trade funds once you move them into the trading account
#3 – There are 3 main markets BitCoin BTC and Ethereum ETH, and USDT Tether to make a trade you are in essence are trading a BitCoin or Ethereum for another coin of choice (Fractional of course)
#4 – To trade a coin, go to the instruments box and type in the symbol on either the BTC or ETH tab depending on what you are trading out of, then click on the result to load all the other boxes with the crypto selected.
#5 – You can place a market order where you get the “market” price or you can place a limit order where you specify the price.

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