Outsmarting bitcoin bot trading. Learn how to trade BTC, swing trading altcoins and scalp trading.

Outsmarting bitcoin bot trading. Learn how to trade BTC, swing trading altcoins and scalp trading.

Beating the bitcoin bots at their own game using Fib Circles to chart price action. BTC bots use algos to chart price action, using these fibs gives us a visual representation of how these algorithms work and tells us where price pivots are. Not only does this method of trading which I like call “Ionic Swing Trading” 🙂 It’s doesn’t just give you price targets when to buy and sell, it also tells you when to buy and sell.

I don’t care if it’s 48 cents of ETH, 85 cents of BTC. You choose what you want to donate, it’s less about the amount, and more about showing your support.

Those that make a small donation will be emailed a link to this chart which has been published on TradingView as private so only people with the private link will be able to access it. In addition those that donate will have access to my next video which will be a detailed tutorial and explanation how to setup these fibs, align them correctly as well as how to place new ones to chart price action.

Once you make a donation. please email me with your username, the coin you chose and the exact amount.
I will then send you the private link to this chart so you can dissect and play around with. I will then post a comment on this video with your username confirming you sent a donation and how much. If you would prefer I did not mention your donation just specify in the email. Please make sure you provide your YouTube email address as I will need it to add to private video listing giving you access.

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