The #1 Bitcoin Investment Strategy

The #1 Bitcoin Investment Strategy Try the software free here!

Phase 1: Use the “Super Risky Strategy” until your portfolio reaches 200-300% gains.

Phase 2: Reduce risk by switching to the “Smart Strategy” as prices become euphoric and expect another potential 100-200% rise in portfolio value during this phase.

Phase 3: Brace for impact as a 50%+ crash is nearly certain, but don’t sell out there’s more upside than downside, build a short-bitcoin position to reduce volatility.

Phase 4: After the crash occurs, sell your short position and switch back to the super risky strategy for maximizing gains.

Phase 5: Wash, Rinse and Repeat!

Today’s video I show you how easy it is to follow this strategy, which services you’ll need to do it and how our Portfolio Spreadsheet makes life easy for you to manage your positions!!/trade/DAI-ETH


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Disclaimer trading is risky and you can lose your entire investment!