What is a 51% Attack in Cryptocurrency? Explained W/ Bitcoin & ZenCash Double Spend Hack

What is a 51% Attack in Cryptocurrency? Explained W/ Bitcoin & ZenCash Double Spend Hack

What is a 51% attack and why is it only possible with Proof-Of-Work cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and ZenCash? Lets review how all PoW coins can be the victim of a double spend hack and how much money it would take to attempt this hack which just generated over a half of million dollars for the attack.

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ZenCash Statement on Double Spend Attack – http://bit.ly/2yfeTsC
Coinmonks explain Bitcoin 51% Attack – http://bit.ly/2t0i5Dx
Bitcoin Gold 51% attack / double spend hack – http://bit.ly/2K1oCY8
Palm Beach Research “ZenCash out of thin air” – http://bit.ly/2JV3DGu
ZenCash livestream on 51% attack + solutions – http://bit.ly/2t3Bu6w
51% attack explained w/ longest chain ETH – http://bit.ly/2ld9c50
ZenCash Zen subreddit post on 51% attack – http://bit.ly/2M0rjXg
51% attack cost & price estimator for coins – http://bit.ly/2HYxcSl

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