What Is Bitcoin? 💰#01

What Is Bitcoin? 💰#01

There have always been technological advances in the world of money like the transition from barter system to precious metals, from precious metals to paper money and finally from paper money to digital money. The currency that we use today is controlled by governments through banking systems and because of that the digital transactions costs us hefty fees. Whenever we do online transactions or whenever we use our credit/debit cards, we have to pay fees to the banks. Is there any currency that combines the benefits of physical money and digital money and while doing transactions you also don’t have to share your privacy for it? Your answer is BITCOIN.

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00:46 What is Bitcoin.

01:30 Value of Bitcoin,

02:17 How to store Bitcoin (Wallet)

03:07 How to Get Bitcoin.

03:32 What is Mining

04:44 Advantages of Bitcoin.

05:28 Disadvantages of Bitcoin

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What Is Bitcoin? #01

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Bitcoin is the world’s first decentralized crypto currency. It was founded by satoshi nakamoto in 2008.

It is purely digital and runs on the internet only. Like digital money you cannot touch it or feel it. Just like our local currency,

bitcoin functions like effectively where you can buy/sell stuff with it, transfer money without paying hefty fee etc.

It is a global currency which is robust and rare as well. The fact that only 21 million of the bitcoins can ever come into existence is the
thing that makes it rare.

Is bitcoin a revolution in currency? It is an invention as big as the internet, if not the internet. You can earn, buy and mine bitcoins Good for long term investment

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