What is Bitcoin going to do Today?

What is Bitcoin going to do Today?

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Whale Membership Access Instructions:

DISCLAIMER: I am Not a financial advisor. This is for entertainment purposes only. This is a reward for Donating atleast $500usd or More in BTC to the Crypto Face Channel. NO REFUNDS. The Crypto Face Channel reserves the right to revoke any membership if deemed harmful to the well being of the group.

Alright, ready to be a whale?
1. Creat a new Bitmex Account using my Affiliate link (yes this is the new one) and enjoy an additional 6 weeks 10% off of your fees. – https://www.bitmex.com/register/dLgEfR

2. Donate $500 usd worth of btc to this address

3. After that, message me the tx id number and exact amount in btc that you sent. Private message me on discord with this info. If you are lost in the crypto face discord, if you ask nicely someone will point you in the right direction.
4. I will message you back and let you know you are in. And don’t worry I WILL GET TO YOUR MESSAGE, you will now see a channel called Private Whale Group and Whale Chat under the Bitmex Tab in my discord Channel. Mind your manners, know your place, no negativity, don’t flop and grope and welcome to the family!

Crypto Face Official Discord Group:

Want a Crypto Face Consultation? Email me at Shittokens@gmail.com
If you want personal time with me 1 on 1 send me an email. $500 for 30-45 minutes of my time

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